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Naos-sistrum. Faience. Height 27.9 cm. Egypt, 26th Dynasty, reign of Amasis (570–526 BC). Harmakhis galerie (stand 439).  TEFAF 2015 Antiques (13-22 March 2015)

The text on the handle reads ‘The perfect God, the Lord of the Two Lands Khenem-ib-Re, the Son of Re Iahmes-sa-Neith, may he be granted life eternally.’

Provenance: Collection M. Grünfeld, Germany, 1950s

Harmakhis galerie. Director: Jacques Billen

A graduate in History of Art and Archaeology and Oriental Philology and History of the Université Catholique de Louvain, Jacques Billen is first and foremost a specialist in ancient Egyptian art. Nevertheless, he also offers a nice selection of classical antiques and occasionally from the Middle East. In parallel with his career as an antiquities dealer, Jacques Billen is also an expert in Egyptian art. As such, he provides valuable advice for a great number of collectors and institutions around the world, and also participates on various expert committees at several famous international fairs