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A magnificent 60.19 carats diamond brooch. Price Realized CHF7,159,750 ($4,158,132). Photo Christie’s Image Ltd 2000

Designed as a rose-cut brown diamond branch, set with a pear-shaped diamond weighing 60.19 carats to the spider’s web dripping with briolette-cut diamond dew drops.

With certificate 11146201 dated 28 April 2000 from the Gemological Institute of America stating that the diamond is D colour, internally flawless clarity, with excellent polish and symmetry

Also with certificate 0007040 dated 12 July 2000 from the Gübelin Gemmological Laboratory stating that the diamond is D colour, internally flawless clarity

The Gübelin certificate is accompanied by an appendix stating the following:
« For many centuries, diamonds have been a symbol of love, power and wealth. The combination of a diamond’s unparalleled hardness and potential for crystalline purity has merited its high esteem and status. In nature, many tons of earth are necessary to be excavated in order to recover a diamond of 1 or 2 carats. Respectively, the occurence of large top quality diamonds, resulting in faceted gems over 50 ct, of the finest quality, is even that much more a miraculous phenomenon.

The 60.19 ct diamond described in the above mentioned Diamond Report is one of these exceptional rarities. It possesses a purity of colour and high degree of transparency, which are particular to the world’s finest natural type IIa diamond. Diamonds of this type and size, exhibiting a superior quality, are very rare. Such diamonds have been unearthed from only a limited number of sources around the world (e.g. South Africa and India).

In addition, this remarkable diamond possesses an elegant and well-proportioned pear-shape form, which is complimented by the expertise conducted to finish and symmetry of faceted gems. Deserving particular mention, this extraordinary diamond displays a very high degree of scintillation and a complete absence of a « bow tie » effect, which is uncommon for diamonds polished in this fashion.

Such a combination of outstanding attributes in a diamond exceeding 60 ct establishes this gems position in a very elite class. »

Christie’s. MAGNIFICENT JEWELS, 16 November 2000, Geneva