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Globular Bottle, 13th century. Jizhou ware, Jin dynasty. Stoneware with brown glaze with « cut-glaze » designs, 9 9/16 x 9 3/16 in. (24.3 x 23.34 cm). Gift of Ruth and Bruce Dayton 99.180.4. Minneapolis Institute of Arts © 2014 Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

Probably used to store wine, this incised globular bottle has two bands of floral and cloud decoration that were carved through the stable but still moist glaze to the clay body before firing. « Cut-glaze » decoration, as this technique is called, rose to prominence in Jizhou kilns during the Northern Song (960-1127) and Jin (1115-1234) periods. The method was inspired by the more complicated earlier Jizhou decorative techniques worked with black and white slips in combination with incised decor under a clear glaze. Vessels with cut-glaze decoration are often attributed to Shanxi province but many such vessels were produced in other northern provinces as well.