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Renaissance Style Glass Cup with Corals, Germany. Estimated 1,500.00 €. Not sold. Photo Auctionata

This is a glass cup with coral mount in Renaissance style from Germany. It appears that the glass parts and its mounts were made in the 19./early 20. century. The coral and its mount at one end, may originate from the 19th century. The gilded metal coat of arms, dated to 1628. The design with a hollow cup part and the end piece was chosen in the early Middle Ages to meet the real or felt danger of poisoning the drink. It was accordingly in elegant circles in use, so very valuable, richly adorned or figural depicted pieces as this one can be seen in many museums and collections.

The glass cup is in very good condition. It is 24 cm in total height.

Auctionata. Cabinet of Curiosities. Dec 9, 2014, 12 pm EST, Berlin.