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Anastatica On Birch Bark Base, Austria, around 1800Estimated 1,000.00 €. Not sold. Photo Auctionata

Historic Kunstkammer collections of the 16th and 17th century characteristically served as a model of the macrocosm. The encyclopedic collections contained all sorts of natural and artificial objects that were organized according to specific categories. The group of ‘naturalia’ contained minerals, plants and animals, but also revealed a number of true ‘curiosities’. The anastatica is also known as ‘Jericho rose’ and was typically included in historic Kunstkammer inventories. ‘Dead’ plants can be ‘brought to life’ by water, causing the process of uncurling and regaining the color. Because of these amazing features anastatica are traditionally given to expectant mothers.

The anastatica is decoratively presented on a birch bark base which is fitted with small coral pieces and glitter dust. The piece is set on an original Baroque base with glass dome. The rose as well as the other mentioned pieces are in good condition considering their age. The glass dome has only been slightly damaged and shows a few glued areas. The diameter of the rose is c. 11 cm. The whole piece including the glass dome measures 32 cm in height. (cbo)

Auctionata. Cabinet of Curiosities. Dec 9, 2014, 12 pm EST, Berlin.