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Palm Cup, Silver, Remains of a Former Gilding, Augsburg, 1711-15. Estimated 5,500.00 €Unsold. Photo Auctionata

Silver, chased, inside remains of gilding. In arched base assayer’s marks, city mark Augsburg 1711-15 and master’s mark Johann Ulrich Jebenz. Turned pipe décor on lower half of the wall. Engraved ribbon work with ranks on punched ground on upper half of the wall. Dimensions: height 4.6 cm; diameter: 7.6 cm Very good condition

Literature: Seling, Die Augsburger Gold- und Silberschmiede 1529-1868, Rosenberg

This fine palm cup is crafted of chased silver. It was manufactured by the master Johann Ulrich Jebenz (1669-1742) in Augsburg in the period from 1711 until 1715. Jebenz became a master in 1702. The former gilding is still slightly visible inside the cup. The lower half of the wall is embellished with turned pipe décor. The upper half of the wall shows engravings of ribbon work with ranks on a punched ground.

Auctionata. Cabinet of CuriositiesDec 9, 2014, 12 pm ESTBerlin