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Lidded Coin Beaker, Christian Mentzel, Breslau, c. 1700Estimated 20,000.00 €Unsold. Photo Auctionata

This magnificent coin beaker is the work of Christian Mentzel the Younger, a silversmith, who worked around 1700 in Wroclaw. The conical lidded silver beaker stands on a profiled ring foot. The wall is adorned with acanthus tendrils, in between which are inserted 50 historic silver coins, mostly depicting King Sigismund I of Poland (1467-1548) and in the upper row Albrecht of Prussia (1490-1568), the nephew of Sigismund. The vaulted lid is decorated with scrollwork, coat of arms and flowers in cartouches, as well as a stylized laurel wreath with a cross band decoration. In the center, there is the so-called Saxon Three Brothers Thaler with depictions of the brothers and Dukes of Saxony, Christian II along with Johann Georg I and Frederick William I of Saxe-Altenburg. From 1591-1611, Christian II was Elector of Saxony from the House of Wettin (Albertine line). His successor was his brother Johann Georg I of Saxony. On the underside of the cup, there is a 24 ‘Mariengroschen’ from the Principality of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel dated 1691.

The cup is hallmarked with the maker’s mark ‘CM’ and the hallmark of the city of Wroclaw. It is in good condition, showing some scratches to the upper margin. The height of the including the cover is 18 cm, and the total weight is about 508 grams. (cko)

Auctionata. Cabinet of CuriositiesDec 9, 2014, 12 pm ESTBerlin