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Two jadeite, ruby and diamond necklaces. Estimate:HK$ 5,200,000 – 7,200,000 (US$666,000 – 923,000). Photo Tiancheng International

Each composed of fifty-one graduated jadeite beads of good translucent emerald green colour, spaced by tumbled ruby beads, completed by a cylindrical clasp set with square rubies, ruby beads and brilliant-cut diamonds, the rubies and diamonds altogether weighing approximately 122.50 and 3.05 carats respectively, mounted in 18 karat white and yellow gold, length approximately 760 and 717mm respectively.(2) Beads measuring approximately 12.98 to 8.76mm.

Accompanied by Hong Kong Jade & Stone Laboratory reports numbered KJ87798 and KJ87799, dated 6 October 2014, stating that the jadeites are natural, known in the trade as ‘A Jade’.

The Red-Green Wonder

Contrary is a common phenomenon in the universe. However, both sides are usually complementary to each other at the same time. Sun and moon, mountain and water, qian and kun, male and female are good examples. In the world of colours, red and green stand out to be the leading representatives.

According to the Orientals, red is a symbol of good fortune while green represents good health. Among all the gemstones, ruby and jadeite are most pursued for their respective colours.

To be offered in Tiancheng International Autumn 2014 auction is a jadeite and ruby bead necklace (Lot 163). Skillfully arranging the high quality Burmese ruby beads and natural jadeite beads from same rough to embrace each other, the designer lifted the elegance of the jewellery to the full extent.

Tiancheng International. HONG KONG AUTUMN AUCTION. Jewellery and Jadeite. 7 Dec · 1 pm