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Icy yellow jadeite ‘Finger citron’ and rubellite pendant. Estimate HK$700,000 – 1,000,000 (US$90,000 – 128,000). Photo Tiancheng International

The jadeite of very good translucent honey yellow colour, suffused with soft yellow patches to the back, carved as a finger citron, surmounted by a rubellite bead, accompanied by a brown cord, length approximately 290mm. Finger citron measuring approximately 57.12 x 33.38 x 24.46mm. 

Accompanied by Hong Kong Jade & Stone Laboratory report numbered KJ87599, dated 22 September 2014, stating that the jadeite is natural, known in the trade as ‘A Jade’.

‘Gold jadeite’ finger citron

Red and yellow jadeite bears what are popularly known as ‘fei’ colours in this gemstone variety. As a result of iron being oxidated, they are also dubbed ‘yellow patches’ and ‘red patches’ which are usually found on the weathered surface layers of rocks or inside the fissures of jadeite boulders. Yellow jadeite is often formed on top of their red equivalents and hence, closer to the rock surfaces. As most of the jadeite outer surfaces are extremely thin, yellow jadeite is utterly rare. Amongst this, only a few is ideal for carving.

Most yellow jadeite is suffused by a murky colour, often with a brown tinge and poor translucency. Exquisite yellow jadeite is often called ‘gold jadeite’, characterized by its orange-yellow or honey hues and remarkable translucency. Because of the rarity, yellow jadeite is highly valued by jadeite collectors.

The Icy Yellow Jadeite ‘Finger Citron’ and Rubellite Pendant (Lot 136), presented by Tiancheng International in this auction, is an exquisite carving from top-quality yellow jadeite. Accentuated by its dense yellow hues, streamlined silhouette and natural carving style, the finely translucent jadeite finger-citron carving is designed to express a blend of harmony, wealth, longevity and peace.

Tiancheng International. HONG KONG AUTUMN AUCTION. Jewellery and Jadeite. 7 Dec · 1 pm