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A carved ‘Yaozhou’ celadon-glazed ‘Lotus’ bowl, Northern Song DynastyEstimate 50,00070,000 HKD. Photo Sotheby’s.

finely potted with deep rounded sides rising from a straight foot, carved around the exterior with four rows of overlapping petals resembling a lotus flower, the interior carved with a plain medallion in recess in the centre, applied overall with a beautiful sea-green glaze draining to white along the petal’s edges and stopping neatly around the unglazed foot, the latter applied with a transparent glaze, the neatly cut footrim left unglazed revealing a smooth light grey ware; 14.3 cm., 5 5/8  in.

Notes: The pale green glaze as found on the present bowl is extremely rare among ‘Yaozhou’ wares and identifies it as an early example, as this glaze colour disappeared when the kiln switched from using wood as fuel to firing with coal. Compare a pair of ‘Yaozhou’ flower-shaped bowls with a related glaze, sold in our London rooms, 11th May 2011, lot 1.

Sotheby’s, Chinese Art, Hong Kong | 24 Nov 2014, 02:30 PM