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Noble ceramic bowl from Nishapur, Persia, 11-12th century, Great Seljuq Empire. Estimation : 4 400 € / 5 500 €. Photo AUCTIONATA

Painted ceramic. This beautiful brown and white painted ceramic bowl comes from the Persian city Nishapur and impresses with its exceptionally elegant and varying painting in a dark brown. The inner surface is decorated with distant floral motifs and ornaments. The thin upper edge is surrounded by small dots and a white garland. The outer brown painted surface is accentuated by geometrical pattern which forms an attractive contrast to the opulent painting of the bowl’s inner surfaceThis ceramic bowl is visually in a very good condition. The traces of restoration are only visible under a UV lamp. The painting shows some age-related paint flakes. The bowl measures 25 cm in diameter; the ground has a diameter of 12 cm.

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