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Buff Ware Bowl with Peacock, Persia (Nishapur), 10th century. Estimation : 4 800 € / 6 000 €. Photo AUCTIONATA

Earthenware, polychrome decoration under transparent glaze. This earthenware bowl was produced in the 10th century in Nishapur (Persia). The bowl of deep round shape is resting on a short foot. In the center it shows the depiction of a peacock. The glazing décor is executed in the typical colors of Nishapur ware brown, green and yellow. Bird motifs are a frequent motif of the Nishapur ware of the 10th century. During the Islamic Golden age, especially in the 9th and 10th century, Nishapur was one of the centers of pottery and related forms of art. The bowl is in good condition, some parts have been restored. The bowl is 23 cm in diameter. ™

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