Theresa Nguyen, Autumn vessel, silver © Theresa Nguyen 2014

Full of vigour and tenacity, Theresa works silver sheets into exciting new forms capturing softness and fluidity in a seemingly unmoveable material.

She looks with reverence to the mysteries and surprises of the natural world. The vibrant sense of movements and life, radiates gentle waves of energy that she transfers into her objects in silver.

The exploration of fold-forming and hammering techniques result in sensuous surface textures and undulating forms. Her inquiry into material behaviour and processes continue to be the heartbeat of her work as much as her desire to celebrate making.

Above all things, Theresa exalts in the joy and challenge of working to commission. It is her desire to bring to life for the commissioner, a personal piece that offers moments of reflection, yields a positive emotional response and enlivens the senses.


Theresa Nguyen, Lily of the Valley, silver © Theresa Nguyen 2014


Theresa Nguyen, Crystal Lake, silver © Theresa Nguyen 2014


Theresa Nguyen, Everlasting peace, silver © Theresa Nguyen 2014


Theresa Nguyen, First Light, silver © Theresa Nguyen 2014


Theresa Nguyen, Enamelled Leaf form, silver © Theresa Nguyen 2014

Photos courtesy Theresa Nguyen