A finger ring by René Lalique. Photo Wartski

yellow gold, each side centred by a carved ivory face, the ring is surmounted by a cabochon emerald, the setting of the stone formed and enamelled to resemble a crown, the subject’s hair sensuously tumbles down the deeply engraved shoulders, the top of the shoulders are decorated with overlapping engraved leaves filled with black enamel.

Signed ‘LALIQUE’. Internal diamater: 19. 5 mm.

A design for a Lalique ring with faces on its sides is illustrated in Barton, Sigrid, René Lalique Schmuck und Objets d’Art:1890-1910, Prestel-Verlag München, 1977, no.1299.

The device of flowing tresses is found frequency in Lalique’s work, see op. cit. nos. 518, 943 & 1037.